Seminar on God and Prayer - Marriage Prep at St. Thomas à Becket - November 28th 2020

  Audio MP3 file      Silent Meditative Prayer Experience w Instructions & Debrief MP3 file  

You will find a folder with a variety of prayer aids, prayers, instructions, reflections - including praying with Scripture, praying alone, praying with spouse, praying with family, praying the Liturgy of the Hours with the universal Catholic Church 24/7, praying with icons and statues and more - as well as articles on prayer and spirituality in daily life on the Catholic Christian Tools page.


Canadian Bible Society 625 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1B7 514-848-9777

Christian Community Bible Catholic Pastoral Edition - at   

The Catholic Prayer Bible Lectio Divina Edition - at   

French: TOB - Traduction Oecuménique de la Bible Intégrale avec notes - Édition Kindle   


NRSVCE - New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition 
(The Scripture readings at Mass are often taken from this translation. You can select and compare other translations of the Bible at this site.)

TOB - Traduction Oecuménique de la Bible

Peace to you and your families, and Blessed Advent and Christmas Seasons.... 

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