GOD - LIFE - MARRIAGE - FAMILY - Workshop / Seminar on Prayer & Spirituality


Jesus is knocking at the door of our heart, my heart, your heart.... Notice there's no handle, which means He cannot enter unless we open the door to Him. This image is a true to life symbol or parable of the way God is with us, ever so respectful of our free will and conscience. In Jesus we discover that God - Jesus Himself and his Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit only ever want a freely chosen and desired relationship, friendship, with each and every human being. This is truly Good News!

On Saturday, September 5th, in the Marriage Preparation Course "From This Day Forward" by the Diocese of Montreal held at St. Thomas à Becket Parish, we had a workshop / seminar to explore our connection and relationship with God, which alone can fulfill human life, marriage, and family living. You may listen to the lively exchange between Fr. Gilles Surprenant and some of the participants here by opening this MP3 file.

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